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Flavours 1.2 Beta




  • Pedro Grilo


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  • Pedro Grilo

    Check out Flavours 1.2 Beta 3 - adds more improvements and bugfixes.
    Please report any issues you may encounter.

    Thank you all!

  • Unknow!


    Maybe you wrong!

  • j.s.

    Hi, just thought I would share some unthemed elements if you're not already aware of them...

    Using Flavour 1.2 Beta 3

    Screenshot juil. 14 18.18.07.jpg
  • j.s.

    About the post above, there's also the path bar at the bottom of the finder.

  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    What's up with Metal and Aqua buttons with regards to strokes?


    First image is the editor as I'm making a theme.


    Second image is the real world situation?

  • j.s.

    Another one, in Tumult Hype, see how the headers in the side bar are not themed. If I put Hype in the exclusion list, the menu bar in turn get all messy, with stock theme background and the theme color for texts.

    Screenshot juil. 15 10.03.26.png
  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    I'd like to bring up an old issue with strokes on menubar items. It appears that the bug where a stroke can't be fully opaque has re-surfaced once more. If I create a stroke on the menubar selection I have to make it slightly less opaque for it to work. Otherwise I'll see white stripes where there should have been a completely black stroke.

    I've put in two examples.

    One is Bartender app selection and the other is Spotlight selection.

    Also another bug that I'd like to hear if it can be fixed is the buttons on programs that have been downloaded and is opened for the first time. Using a black theme such as my Vivi theme I can barely read the black text on black buttons. Shouldn't these buttons take up the Aqua appearance when the setting is white for Aqua buttons?

    Screenshot 2014-07-16 00.54.28.png
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 00.59.42.png
  • Nuno


    Thank you for reporting, we'll take a look into this and fix (where possible).



    For me it's a new issue (menubar stroke opacity) as I was not aware of it! I'm trying to replicate it, but without success. Could you please share a .flavour where the issue occurs (you can grab the file by its modification date on "~/Library/Application Support/Flavours/My Flavours/xxxxx.flavour" and send us by email if you prefer)? Also, does this happens on the editor and when applied, or only when applied?

    Regarding the buttons show on the dialog when an app is first launched, must check if is fixable: some parts of the OS are not hackable/themable due to system security measures.



  • Nuno

    Just a quick update regarding *some* issues pointed out above:

    XtraFinder and Google Chrome tabs
    Found a bug on Flavours Beta that is preventing tab theming on XtraFinder and Google Chrome. We have just fixed this internally so it will be available on next beta release.

    Dialog show after downloaded app
    Thanks for pointing this out @allan! Fortunately, easy fix, available on next beta version.

    Compress/Burn Finder context menu items
    Not fixable: color is hard-coded on Apple's code. In fact, this is still hard-coded on Yosemite and the difference is visually noticeable!

    Finder path bar
    Fixed, available on next beta version.


  • Mark R Friedman


    I'm unable to download anything from the store.

  • Mark R Friedman

    Well, the store downloaded but had given a "try again later" message.

    I checked the console log to see if there was a related issue and found these:

    launchservicesd[59]    Application App:"Flavours" asn:0x0-217f17d pid:81807 refs=7 @ 0x7fb645511fe0 tried to be brought forward, but isn't in fPermittedFrontApps ( ( "LSApplication:0x0-0x218017e pid=81814 "SecurityAgent"")), so denying. : LASSession.cp #1481 SetFrontApplication() q=LSSession 100006/0x186a6 queue
    WindowServer[261]    [cps/setfront] Failed setting the front application to Flavours, psn 0x0-0x217f17d, securitySessionID=0x186a6, err=-13066
    net.interacto.flavours.helper[81831]    objc[81831]: Class INFlavoursHelper is implemented in both /usr/local/lib/libflavours.dylib and /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/net.interacto.flavours.helper. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
    net.interacto.flavours.helper[81831]    objc[81831]: Class INLaunchd is implemented in both /usr/local/lib/libflavours.dylib and /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/net.interacto.flavours.helper. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
    net.interacto.flavours.helper[81831]    objc[81831]: Class INProcessInfo is implemented in both /usr/local/lib/libflavours.dylib and /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/net.interacto.flavours.helper. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
    Flavours[81807]    The class 'NSTextFieldCell' overrides the method setIdentifier:.  This method is implemented by class 'NSCell'

    I curious about the about the 3 entries which says there are two versions of a helper file and the system doesn't know which one to use.

  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    What on Earth can I do to get rid of this issue on a new dark theme I built. It happens to all my dark themes. 

    It's the Spotlight active state that's spassing out.

    Anyone? Nuno or Pedro? 


    Spotlight error.png
  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    Also, I can't get get white Aqua button text to really come through anywhere on the system except within Flavours and some system related situations. Upon applying the recent dark theme I made yesterday I wondered why on Earth I didn't change the color on Aqua buttons to be white but the when I went looking they were infact set to be white. It's primarily in Uninstallers this occurs. For example the Logitech Control Center and AVG AntiVirus Uninstaller. 

    My Logout dialog boxes are fine. 

  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    For example - here's Firefox with no apparent theming of the textcolor on Aqua buttons. 

    Firefox Dialogue.png
  • Robinson

    Hello! Wonderful app, thats a dream comes true to work on dark themes that don't hurt your eyes! Really thanks for the hard work.

    Now, I'm seeing an issue that I can't get rid of, that's with the tint feature for the menubar icons. In preview, it looks amazing when I tint it black to avoid that rim lights on dark menus, see the screenshot.

    But when I apply it to the system, it doesn't seems to take any effect. This is a know issue or theres a way to workaround this?

    BTW, the tint is working if I test it with bright colors, but seems that light edges persists even with that.

    Tks again and I hope you keep working on it when Yosemite comes to life.

    Screenshot 2014-08-20 09.58.02.png
    Screenshot 2014-08-20 09.57.47.png
  • Pedro Grilo

    Hello! Thank you all for the feedback!

    About the menubar icon Tint:

    The idea behind the approach that we took for the menubar icons theming support aims at two main goals:

    1. Should support every single available application automatically;
    2. Should not interfere with the colored part of the icons to avoid killing color coded notifications and activity indicators (i.e. Airmail menubar icon changes from black to blue when there are unread messages).

    To achieve the proposed goals, Flavours makes use of a filter specially developed for this purpose. This filter, dynamically applied to the menubar icons, tries to replace precisely only the exact black color shade commonly used for the icons. This exact black color shade will be tinted with the theme color.
    This approach respects those two main goals but has to deal with different application development patterns and also has its own limitations:

    • Some icons have shadows themselves, others have the shadow created by the system. Our filter has a threshold adjustment designed to deal with this pattern diversity the best it can, yet it isn't perfect and some glitches may occur with certain colors/apps - Robinson, your issue may be related.
    • When the Menubar Selection has the same black shade used by the icons themselves will also be affected/tinted by the filter - this is what's happening with your theme Allan!

    So it isn't a perfect approach because some specify black shades can cause issues.

    Hope that this clarifies how the menubar icons tinting works within Flavours. Understanding the limitations makes it easy to work-around them.

    About the Text color on Aqua buttons of uninstallers and alike:
    The system doesn't allow Flavours to inject code on Applications that runs as root, therefor the features available through injection wont work.

    Thank you all for all the feedback and support, appreciated!


  • William Kelley

    Yosemite is now officially released and I hope you guys keep up the fantastic work and give us the beauty that is Flavours for 10.10!

  • Lee Flamard

    Nuno and others, I just uninstalled current beta. Checking activity monitorships the following favors processes running.

    Any tips / suggestions?

    Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.43.04 PM.png
  • DKR Tech

    Hello, I'm using a 15 Macbook Retina and I just purchased flavours after seeing 1.2 was in beta. I would take my chances with occasional bugs, as I like black/transparent interfaces on my laptop/workspace. I'm sadden to say I'm having an issue with a loop install. It says the version is up to date, but I can no not access any menus on top, or no window stays open. After toying around for awhile, I figured out I can reach the registration only after I hit uninstall, and login. After I uninstall, the flavours menu stays open with the window on the screen staying visible. Before just hitting check for updates it would show then disappear then you ok, after uninstall it stays up. At that moment I can enter look at the flavours menu/pref... Help

  • Nuno

    Hi DKR,

    We are sorry about that, but Flavours 1.X is for OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9; Flavours 2 - to be released - will support new OS X Yosemite.

    Since you opened a ticket at our support, I will continue from there.

    Best regards,


  • Rene Etienne Heidmann

    i buy flavours and now i wait over 6 mounths for update to flavours 2. :(


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