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Animation Issue


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  • Nuno


    Thank you for getting back to us and expose your issue!

    We are not aware of any similar issue, and don't believe Flavours could be directly related, however, we would like to further investigate (if you are interested) so we can double-check and help you with the issue!


    #1 approach: You can reboot your Mac with SHIFT pressed so it can enter in Safe Mode which will clear and rebuild caches on boot. You can immediately restart normally after Mac has finished loading. After booting normally, you can check if that fixed your issue. Booting into safe mode usually fixes a lot of "strange" issues with icons, fonts, disk, and others!


    #2 approach: I would need you to send us a diagnostic report from the Flavours app (will need to install it again!). Since there's an issue with the diagnostic report sending process on the latest official version (1.1.3), I have made available below a build with this fixed, could you please install it and send the diagnostic from that version instead?


    Thank you, and sorry about the inconvenience!

    Best regards,



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