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  • Nuno

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for getting back, and sorry for the inconvenience! 

    Well, that's the first time I see something like that :) Do you observe the same issue if you restart Flavours? Did you install any software lately that could douse this?

    If the issue persists after relaunching Flavours, please reinstall Flavours:

    • launch Flavours, go to menu Flavours > Uninstall Flavours...
    • logout, login
    • download Flavours again and install by double-clicking or dragging to /Applications

    Please let me know if your issue persists!

    Thank you.

    Best regards and happy theming,


  • Leo Antix

    Thank you for the quick reply. After a full restart the issue has seemed to fix itself. The only thing I think that may have caused the issue was a new install of MagiCal. Yet, no further hiccups since the restart. Thank you again for your reply and time. And a BIG thank you for the application Flavours in the first place. Keep up the good work and please keep the updates coming with new features ;)

  • Nuno

    Thank you for your kind words, this really boots our motivation :)

    Happy theming,



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