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Full Preview of Finder with tab view etc.


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  • Nuno

    Hi Allan,

    Thank you for your feedback once again!

    On 1.2 there will be tabs on the editor preview window because these UI elements are very tricky and it makes perfect sense to incorporate on the preview. Also, we need them to accommodate additional UI elements and tabs will help. Because 1.2 is feature frozen right now (adding more features would delay even more the release!), some of your suggestions (resizable preview windows) will be probably added on one of the subsequent bugfix releases (1.2.x)!

    The idea you mention regarding Photoshop is very good and we have it already on our future plans. But because it's a big structural change (such as many others we want to make), this will only make it on a 2.x release.

    We really do appreciate your time to write us and provide feedback - it's great when we have feedback from the community who really loves theming, this really helps us improve Flavours! So, a big thank you again!


    Best regards and happy theming,



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