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system f*cked up



  • Pedro Grilo

    Hi Kappe,

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenient caused.
    We are not aware of any other occurrence of this issue, if you have any clue please share it with us.

    Flavours has a fail-safe command line utility to restore the UI when something goes wrong: What if something goes wrong?
    This utility is intended to be used from the Terminal or from Single User Mode, unfortunately you must have overlooked the notice related to restoreui at the single user mode prompt..

    When you manually deleted all the files related to Flavours, you probably deleted all the UI files backups done by Flavours, and that’s why it failed to restore the original system UI state later on.

    To fix the issue, please take this steps:

    1. Download the
    2. Launch the downloaded application, select "Restore Aqua UI from online backup", "Uninstall Flavours", "Remove all related data" (optional) and click "Go!"
    3. Logout or Restart (recommended).

    Please let me know how it goes!

    In the future, in order to get faster assistance in emergency cases like this one, please open a support ticked simply by sending an email to .

    Also, if you reinstall Flavours, could you please send a Diagnostic report? Go to menu Flavours > Troubleshooting... > Send diagnostics... That could help to shed some light on the cause of the problem... Thank you.

    Sorry again for the trouble.


  • kappe sante

    thanks, working. now.. you can consider to ship flavours with this troubleshooter app, and i can consider to wait for an update. for now, i will not install anything again.

  • Tom Hesser

    I was having a similar issue. The symptoms were about the same. At some point after updates to both OS X and Flavours, Flavours began crashing whenever I attempted to apply a new theme. In spite of Flavours being set to the default Aqua theme, or turned off, remnants of the theme I had used previously still showed up, such as button colors. After attempting to uninstall via Flavours a few times, and finally attempting to manually uninstall all the components, I ran across this support article, downloaded the Troubleshooter app, and performed the download and reinstallation of the original OS X elements, which seemed to do the trick, and now Flavours is working fine. I have no idea how the original elements were displaced unless it was the result of an OS update removing them. Since the Troubleshooter app has the ability to redownload the original components, why isn't this function built in as part of the uninstall process since presumably someone uninstalling the app would want the system restored to the default? I'm glad there is an easy solution, but it seems very inefficient, not to mention that there is no way to tell if, in fact, components are missing and thus the source of the problem. If the app was crashing because it could not find certain components, and is obviously dependent on them, isn't there a way for the app to recognize this and either report this to the user or automatically download the missing parts? I realize this isn't something you can fix just by adding a couple lines of code, but it is something you should consider if possible. It appears that with the Toubleshooter app, you already have some of the "parts" available. Otherwise I agree with Kappe that the Troubleshooter app should be included on the disk image with Flavours from the start. I think it would be very helpful.


  • Nuno

    Hi Tom,

    I'm sorry about the issues you have experienced, and thank you for getting back with feedback. We have reviewed and updated the FAQ entry What if something goes wrong? in order to provide the better resources for this kind of situations. Also, we fixed a permission issue on 1.1.12 that could be related with the cause of these issues. Thank you.

    Best regards,



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