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Flavours - Compliments and v.2 Feature Requests



  • Josue Menjivar

    Love this message. I sure hope the great folks at Interacto give us Flavours sooner than later. I would love a weekly or monthly update. I love Flavours and miss it now that I'm using a new 27" Retina iMac with Yosemite pre-installed. 



  • Allan Nyholm Nielsen

    Well put together.

    I'd love for Flavours 2 to be an early Christmas present. 

  • Tim Lance

    I agree with both. I especially like Josue's idea of regular news updates. Lovers of this stuff crave any information.

    Your latest announcement is fro September 16th. I've subscribed to the newsletter but there's nothing.

    Please consider.

  • Graham Perrin

    Please add to the collective wish list: title bars. 

    (It's ludicrous that Apple will not allow a title bar for titled content in Safari.)

  • Glenn Thomas

    any update on when flavours 2 will be here? just purchased it not know it was blocked from use on Yosemite.. I am a bit bummed.. 

  • Lee Flamard

    *Glenn Thomas* I believe it was January when I tried installing the beta on to Yosemite. although I did get it to install,  the user interface did not allow me to create a user account or accept serial number to get into the store. it was a nightmare because I was unaware that the beta version was not for Yosemite, consequently Nuno spent about an hour addressing this issue until I mentioned Yosemite,  at which point he graciously let me know about my oversight. Ryker 


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